Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Life of the Thorns

Hello everyone! We just wanted to fill you in on what we have been up to the past couple of months. First of all if you have look back at pictures of Jesse and I you may have noticed that Jesse has lost quite a bit of weight. We didn't know what was going on. He would eat almost twice as much as he normally would, His heart started racing, like he had been running a marathon, but it was like that all the time. He started radiating heat (which was one plus. When I get cold I just snuggle up to him). And he would shake (one of the side effects of his heart pumping so fast). Well he went to his doc. and had a physical done and they found that his Thryoid was was working to much, which is called "Hyper thryoidism." So we went to a specialist and he ran some tests and comformed that it is "Hyper." So as a result to all this, Jess is taking meds, much to his dismay, everyday. His is slowly feeling better, especially after this week. Uncle Tim came in to town and worked on Jess and it made him feel alot better. So thank you so much Uncle Tim. We also want to thank our parents and siblings and extended family for helping us through this also.

My Awesome Husband and Cute Puppy

So with work and dance being busy season, I am a little stressed out. So I have found that I love get my stress out by doing crafts. Oh, I love sewing on my sewing machine. I have made really cute table runners, pillows for my sofa and chair, and rice bags for my sister. The next project is a secret, so stay posted.

Here is the rice bag that my sister, Krystal, and I made last weekend when she came over for the weekend.

Jesse and I had to run to the store the other day and guess what time it is!?! Girl Scout Cookie time! Jesse went bonkers! He was so excited to get his all time fav, Samoas. And I got a box of Thin Mints. Yummy!!

Last but not least, I am trying to find a new fragrance for Jesse. I went into the new Nordstrom at Fashion Place (which was amazing by the way! You must go!!), and went over and tested some of the new Men's fragrances. So tell me your opinon.

1)Giorgio Armani Diamonds (This is my pick. I love Acqua Di Gio and they are kind of similar)

2)Burnberry The Beat

So if you are at a department store stop for a minute and smell these and others and tell me what your vote is.

That is all for today! Hope you all have a good week!

Our Trip to cali!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to wish a very special Birthday to my Dad and to Candice! Hope you both had a great day!

Candice,thanks for being a great friend! Happy birthday!

Dad, thank you for always being there for me and supporting me! I love you so much!!

Just a Quick "Hello!"

I just wanted to say a quick Hello to all of you out there! I needed a break from researching for my talk tomorrow and of coarse got sucked into looking at every one's blogs. Sorry we haven't blogged in such a long time! Things have been kind of crazy here at the Thorn household. I will blog soon and fill you in on our wonderful trip out to Cali to see Jeff, Kelly and cute baby Hudson, to our crazy/busy/fun life that we live. We hope all is well with all of you out there. And want to let all of you know we love you! Well back to writing my talk for tomorrow. Wish me luck!