Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Job...I hope.

Have you ever felt like you give your 100% to your employer only to be slapped down with a minuscule hourly wage? Well for quite a while I felt like I didn't fit into that category until just a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure many of you can relate when you check your checking account and aren't surprised when only a few cob webs show up on your "free" online banking site. Justine and I have hit that wall and hard these past few weeks, well mostly me but I think Justine feels the same. So I'm back on the trail to find the job that I just love to do and pays me more than a couple bucks here and there.
Currently I work for one of the banks in Utah, and there is a common misconception that I didn't realize when I first started working for a Bank. Back in the day, people were awe-inspired when they'd go to a bank to get a loan, open an account or anything like that. They'd see the banker in his/her professional attire and for the most part the banker was well paid for his services. Now lets flash forward to today's bank. With the technology era that we have, it's all online and banks are as common as McDonald's or Wendy's, and have just as many competitors. Instead of which fries are better, it's which bank has fewest fees, and which gives more free stuff. The part that is getting me right now is that if I dare say that official checks aren't free, then for the rest of the transaction, I get to listen as my "loyal" customer rakes me over the coals with how I'm ripping them off. Hum... interesting... I wonder if they yell at the McDonald's cashier about having to pay almost $4 for a hamburger? Do they tell the cashier that McDonald's is a rip off too? I haven't heard that yet. Another one I hear almost daily is this...(I wonder if they had this problem back in the day as well?)...

Customer: I have a problem with my account, and you're stealing my money!
Me: I'm sorry that you're upset, let's look at your account and see what happened?!?
Customer: I know what happened, you're stealing my money!!
Me: Well, let me get your account number and we'll find the error.
Customer: I don't have my account number.
(They called a bank, and they don't have their account number. OK.)
Me: Well then can I get your social security number so I can find your information?
(Social is given, account is found and a review taken place, upon I find that this customer has spent more money that what was in their account. Like all banks, the institution I work for pays the largest item first, so your mortgage or car payment doesn't bounce, and if you spend more money than you have, you'll get an overdraft fee.)
Me: Well it looks like you spent more money that you had. It was at the 4th transaction out of 20 that came through your account where it went negative.
Customer: You should have paid the smaller ones first so I didn't get so many overdraft charges.
Me: Well, if we did that your mortgage payment would have bounced.
Customer: Well, that's not fair!! I'm closing my account!
(At this point, the customer goes on this long story about how their life sucks and because of me they won't have any money to eat.)
Me: I'm sorry. Do you use a register to keep track of your money you have so you won't have to pay these fees?
Customer: That is your job.
Me: No it's not. That is why we provide registers for you to keep track.
Customer: Well I use online banking.
Me: Online banking is a tool to help you keep track on your register. Online banking isn't there when and where you spend your money. We can't see checks you've written, or if you've used your card at certain places. We have to rely on the store to tell us. You're the only one who knows when you spend your money.
Customer: Well, I'm going to close my account because you're fees are too high.
(No where is there ever any sign that the customer realizes that it's their fault.)
Me: Well, if you're going to close you're account then we will not be able to help with the fees. I'm sorry.
Customer: Let me talk to your manager!
Me: OK, let me get her for you.

As you can see I get paid very well to have these conversations, over, and over, and over again. So as the title states, I'm currently looking so as to not have to deal with these special customers that can't keep track of what they're doing. The list goes on as to why I'm job hunting, but I won't bore you anymore with those details. Maybe Justine will add a blog that will be happier, but right now I'm irritated.


cowgirl said...

I know what it feels like to be frustrated. You do everything you can and you still don't feel like you can ever come out on top. Been there, done that! Hope you have a better day and tell Justine HI!!!

Keshia and Nate said...

YAY! I finally have your blog link. I can't believe I never knew you had a blog. Crazy. Love you guys!

christopher & brooke thompson said...

Hey irritated cousin! Why have you kept your blog a secret? Not happy with you!

t and e said...

Justine! yeah, i'm glad that you found me. i have been wondering how you have been. are you still at hamilton? i can't wait to hear more about what you have been up to. talk to ya soon!

Brady, Emily, Brinklee said...

Yeah! I am glad you guys have a blog. That is awesome! Good luck on the job hunt.

Lexi and Jared Westergard said...

Justine! I am so glad that you have a blog and we can keep in touch this way. How are things going? Anything new?

Crystal & Scott Moeller said...

JUSTINE!!!! Hey how goes it? Its been way to long. How is everything?


So how come you never told me you had a blog? haha Candice told me. I am adding it now to my list. We need to get together again soon. Is the basement ok?

Rach said...

Good luck with the search of a new and less frustrating Job!! I know whatcha mean about how people can be very....annoying... lol

The Wanner Family said...

Hey Jesse its Kesha. I wish we could've seen you Sunday. But it was nice to see Justine. I hope everything gets better. Hopefully we'll see you at the cabin. Yay I can't wait.