Sunday, October 19, 2008


I got tagged! Here are 2-7 Random/weird facts about me.

1. I love Country music! Jesse and my parents tease me about my twanging music, but I love it! It is good music and has good messages, most of the time.

2. Bubble Gum ice cream is my weakness! If you want to win me over, all you need to do is hand over the Bubble Gum ice cream. And I am all yours!

3. I treat my Puppy like a baby. (Jesse told me this one, and I admit it, it is true!).

4. I like to drive fast! Jesse and I sometimes will have races when we are driving separate cars home. I love it! It is an addiction! And of course, the best part is red lining it and beating the other cars.

5. I can't go to bed before midnight for some reason. Well actually I do know why. When I was in High School I had a drill, I also danced with a dance studio and had homework. So by the time I got home got homework done it was about midnight. It just has stuck with me. Jesse isn't a big fan of it!

6. Hold the Tomatoes and Pickles, please! I do not like tomatoes or pickles, my mother made me eat them.

7. Jesse and I love to watch cartons! We love Avatar, and all the other fun ones!

So here you go! That is some weird facts about me. Now I tag, Keshia, Nicole Troxel, Nicole Sohm, Rachel and Sara!


t and e said...

that's hilarious! i treat my puppy like a baby too and it sort of makes my parents mad, ha ha! they want me to have a real one.

Steve and Chelsea said...

Ahahaha. Justine you make me laugh. I agree on the bedtime thing too. School ruined me ;( And Bubble Gum ice cream!? I never would have thought. Yeah for pets being babies! ;)

chel wakley said...

Hey Thanks for finding me. I miss you, how have you been? Are you still at HP? How is that going, your house is adorable. And you guys look great. I am glad you are so happy.

DeRose Family said...

Hi guys! I just read your blog! So fun - I'm glad you're part of the blogger world. Now I can check in on you guys more often! I haven't been able to post pictures since we moved to Utah - so it's a pretty boring blog, but our address is

See you soon!

Tyson & Candice said...
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Tyson & Candice said...

Hey STINEY!! How are ya? Thanks for the comment! Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on your blog. To be honest, I just figured out how to comment on blogs!! haha.. I am silly! I miss ya!! We need to hang out more!! I can't wait for Halloween! I hope we will have lots of fun! I love your blog and all your pics, you guys are adorable!! Have a great day and we will see ya in church tomorrow! :)