Sunday, June 13, 2010

2009 continued....

Here are some more things that happened in our fam in good ol' 2009!
Our first niece was born! Kyla Jean Meikle!!

Now she is nine months old and crawling!! She is the cutest thing!!!

We had an amazing Christmas!
Beamers new sweater from Santa!
(Okay, I know! I told myself I would never buy these for my pets, but it was so cute!!!)
We also got to attend many BYU sport events. I love going to the games!

Well that was a quick overview of 2009! Now I just need to catch up on 2010, which is coming soon. Stay posted!


TycesCandie said...

HOORAY! It's about time you started blogging again!! :)

Dave and Amber Yates said...

Its about time... keep it coming!!